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Viavoice, for the growth of companies

Facing uncertainty

Rapid changes in society, advancements in technology, and actions by competitors all make our future seem troublesome and uncertain. Especially in the current political and economic environment, it can be hard to foresee what is coming next and how changes will impact both clients and businesses.
Viavoice combines consultancy and research to achieve a clear picture on how your customers and other stakeholders think, behave, and will act in the future.
Viavoice’s goal is to define the avenues for the future, to propose pathways for tomorrow.

Our Reach

Working from London, Paris and Casablanca
We have a multi-national team and exploit these various experiences, nationalities and backgrounds. It allows us to understand and exploit different tendencies, trends, and opinions in society.

Our work is often performed at a comparative multinational level, as we explore and use similarities between European countries.
We constructing a global vision while simultaneously fabricating a case-by- case comparison.

How do we help companies ?

Discovering emergent innovations, labour and industries

  • Hypothesizing imminent scenarios via our consultancy
  • Highlighting tendencies in our society with our research.
  • Giving organizations and institutions a clear view of emergent disruptive innovations, new types of labour, opportunities for developing industries, and general trends in society.

Why do you need us for research ? 

Understanding opinions / trends / behaviours

  • Understanding our society and future society
  • Giving an idea on what our society will look in the future
  • Monitoring and researching trends
  • Clarifying human values, relationships, life choices and consumption patterns
  • Conducting surveys on the economic outlook