Why do you need us for research?

Why do you need us for research?

Understanding opinions / trends / behaviours

Our society is ever-changing and developing; Trends we find interesting today, we can be bored of tomorrow. The general opinion can shift by the publication and sharing of one Facebook post. And things and behaviours we find normal now, would have never been acceptable twenty-five years ago.

This constant development can be considered as a good thing (depending on your views), with demand for sustainability, moves towards payment equality, or technological advancements as examples. And it is logical that our society keeps changing, as we all want to propel ourselves and our society as a whole forward. However, constant changes in our society do make it a lot harder for institutes and enterprises to predict our behaviours and to have a good image of our society as a whole.

Institute Viavoice therefore helps to understand our society and our future society. For example we do so by monitoring and researching trends. We help to clarify human values, relationships, life choices, and consumption patterns. We conduct surveys on the economic outlook and have polls on public figures. All of this research is to develop a bigger understanding of our current society as a whole and to give an idea of what our society will look like in the future.

Our methods