‘We found their domain knowledge and ability to work collaboratively with us - to truly understand our needs and objectives - was matched by their professionalism and delivery-focused approach to the project.’

The Viavoice Story

The importance of context

Viavoice is a market rarity because it combines high quality research with consultancy for every client project. It sounds obvious, but in reality most companies in the field tend to specialise in one or the other, forcing clients to deal with two or more firms to solve any given business challenge – from testing a new market to boosting customer loyalty.

The gap became apparent when François was working with a client to solve a problem around brand recognition. Previous studies carried out by rival firms had generated some interesting data, but very little was truly actionable, and the client felt they were missing something – they weren’t being given the full story.

What seemed to be missing was context. Why were customers thinking, feeling and acting in the way they were? What ‘unseen hand’ was really holding them back? François quickly realised that without context, almost every piece of research out there was fundamentally flawed. To ensure context, Viavoice carries out social and economic studies as well as purely commercial research aimed at solving single issue problems. This offers a wider view through a special lens, in addition to the highly focused data output on the client’s specific research issue.

It means our recommendations make sense and are grounded in reality. You can trust them as a solid basis for strategic decisions. In order to deliver quality outputs consistently, our research consultancy approach requires Viavoice to work with expert resource around the world; firstly to consult with clients and agree what business results are needed, then to carry out research using market best practice, then to analyse the resulting insights through the wider macro lens, and finally to present the results and work with management to convert the most powerful insights into tangible business growth.

We closely monitor the value of our research consultancy approach in every client project, and we love it when a client is delighted by insights we present over and above their original brief. Our additional lens will often provide this surprise bonus by highlighting significant opportunities and customer needs.