The Viavoice Story

The importance of context

Viavoice was founded in 2008 by François Miquet-Marty, Arnaud Zegierman, and Maïder Chango-Beffa in response to the economic crisis. As this crisis and other rapid changes in society, made clear that knowledge on the future has become vital to the existence and competitive advantage of institutions and enterprises. Thus it is Viavoice's mission to aid enterprises and other establishments to optimize their knowledge, in order to learn to serve clients well, to anticipate the future, and to better grow. It is our goal to define the future and to propose new roads of achieving a better one.

Our methods were developed when working with a client to solve a problem around brand recognition. Previous studies carried out by rival firms had generated interesting data, but very little was truly actionable. The client felt he was missing something. What seemed to be missing was context. Why were customers thinking, feeling and acting in the way they were? What was really making them act? It was quickly found that without context, every piece of advice was fundamentally flawed.

Thus to ensure context, Viavoice carries out societal and economic studies on a wide society level, while also working with a team of various experts to envision the future on a company level. Offering the full picture to companies and institutions. With these methods we have been able to provide research results and consults to numerous media companies, multinationals, political institutions, and government organizations.